Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night

Dec 25, 2009

I have had a great year.  I have started a business which is steadily growing through nothing but word-of-mouth; my girls have turned six and three and are growing into beautiful, imaginative and kind hearted souls; my husband is happy in his work; I have met new people and made new friends;  I am blessed.  I have A LOT to be thankful for.  Today has been manic so far – the normal parade of toys which need stickers attaching/batteries fitting/putting together in a way totally contrary to the picture on the box; but in amongst that household clatter I sit down and wish my friends from across the globe  a happy Christmas, usually with a picture.  And each year  I get unashamedly and unapologetically sentimental and hopeful, just for today all traces of cynicism drop away and I hope against all evidence that today there will be no pain, no conflict, no anger.  I ask for a miracle from God/the cosmos/whomever your chosen deity may be, that John Lennon got it right, just for today, that we can all have a day without fear –  before having to face what the new year is going to bring for us; good or bad.  So please excuse me this break from the normal theme of my blog posts, and for my seasonal emotionality, and let me head off to stop the kids eating their own body weight in christmas-themed chocolate.  Here’s wishing you all a perfect and peaceful day, friend or foe, if I’ve met you or if I haven’t.  xxx


  1. Chantal

    very lovely, and I’ll say an amen to all that!

  2. niddler

    Merry Christmas, Ward Browns! Niddlers are sending their lovelies your way.


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