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Feb 4, 2010

…I am missing my Hasselblad.

This is a picture taken of my friend & neighbour, Louise.  It was the last roll that went through the camera before it jammed – it is currently with Hasselblad UK, awaiting diagnosis & prognosis – sadly there isn’t public healthcare for vintage cameras, so I will be eating beans for the rest of the Winter.

For those of you who don’t know, the Hasselblad is a make of (formerly) film and now digital cameras.  They are peerless in my wee opinion (it was the camera chosen to go to the moon on the Apollo missions).  Not just because they produce images with more, depth, warmth, and crispness than anything I have seen a digital camera produce (when pared with a lovely film, like Kodak Portra NC, above); but because they are pieces of art in themselves.

The design is beautiful.  Utterly functional, but beautiful.  Why can’t all things be like this?  I can only dream of a Hasselblad-designed toaster or vacuum cleaner.   But before I get all kit obsessed, this would of course be irrelevant if it did not produce such great prints; just enter  Hasselblad into Flickr and see the beautiful images on display.  Of course, Hassleblad have moved with the times, and now produce some of the worlds best digital cameras (as well as continuing to make analogue).  They have certainly lost something in the design – the shape remains reminiscent of the 500 series, but there is not a whole lot of beauty in the machine itself now.  Sadly my design principles don’t extend far enough for me to reject them on this basis – I still want one.  Yesterday, the company released details of their newest model – The HD4-40 (below).  Only Hassleblad could release an “entry-level” camera which comes with a 40 megapixel resolution and will likely retail for over £10,000.  So it will be a while (or likely, never) before I can get my clammy hands on one of these.  But then my Hasselblad – the 500cm – cost proportionally not far off the same when it was made (the 1970’s), and I picked it up in great condition for £500 a couple of years ago.  What is currently unimaginable can become grabbable if you wait long enough.

Let’s just hope my repair bill doesn’t add up to the same kind of money….


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