Review time: Envow wedding websites

Aug 20, 2010

I seem to remember promising reviews and what-not when I started this blog and, well, that didn’t seem to happen.  So in an effort to redress the balance (and to take a break from working on the new website – which, if I do say so myself, looks spiffing), I am going to review a new wedding website service, and, later in the week,  my current favourite wedding blog.

First up; Envow.  In the interests of transparency, I should declare that I know the guys who run this site (and you may see my adverts up on the site) – and I know them to be creative, enthusiastic, and very good at what they do.  However this morning was the first time I have used Envow, so my comments are direct, honest, and (as usual) clueless about how any of this magic has been achieved.

So what is it?  Envow is a complete website service.  You sign up and choose your level of fancyness (I’m fairly sure there is another, more technical, term for this; but see disclaimer above), and then you have a very editable site which will give your guests information about your wedding day, enable them to tell you whether they can attend, link to your wedding list, see galleries of you and your partner looking loved up, and much more besides.

So, what is great about this?  Well, it is a wonderfully easy way for your guests to get all the info on your day, via your personalised URL.  People can easily respond to invites online – which whether we like it or not, is far more likely to get you quicker replies.  With the bigger packages you can  customise the page’s  colour schemes – it would be great to brand your website with your wedding colours from the off.   It’s really a one-stop-shop for wedding organisation, and in addition your wedding photographer can use it when she gets lost on the way to the venue and needs to look at the map on her iPhone.  Ahem.

The interface is straightforward, and I would think would be easy enough for anyone with a browsing knowledge to use, if not the Envow team will be happy to answer your queries.  The packages start from £32, with the Gold (extra-fancy) package costing you £80.  Personally I can’t see a huge use for the basic package, the Silver (moderate-fancy) costing £64, seems the most useful starting point to get a decent amount of use out of the concept – my feeling with these things is that they should do 99% of the work for you, and be somewhere to get an overview of the big day, not for small snippets of info.  But given what people are spending on a first wedding now (an average of £16000 so I am told), then I think paying £64/80 to make sure that everyone replies, gets there, and brings corking pressies is pretty damn good value.  Folllow Envow on twitter (@envow) and you might even spy the odd special offer.

*I should make it clear that I am not, and are sadly unlikely to ever, marry ‘House’ star Jesse Spencer as my Envow site purports.  This is not through want of trying.  My husband accepts that Mr Spencer is on ‘the list‘.

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  1. Fengschwing

    I do accept that Mr Spencer is on the list. It does make me think that I should probably get cracking on my own list now…


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