A New Day

Jan 1, 2011

So, I have realised during my traditional New Year ponder, that I neither blog enough, or take pictures enough for fun.  I used to only take pictures for fun, but once it became my job and once I started to study it I find that I rarely take pictures just for the sake of it any more.  This is A Bad Thing.  I love photography;  I love the medium, the impact it has, the way it connects with people’s lives in the way other art forms can only dream of, and I really, really love the process.  The process of getting the shot you want, of helping your subject feel like they can get there too, and I love the physical process; especially when using film.  So I have decided to do another 365 project (this is a photographic project where you take a picture a day for the entire year).  I won’t post the results here normally, as this blog needs to be less about me and more about the clients I work with.  Although I hang my head in shame that I have been so very bad at blogging, well, anything this year.  They will be posted via Posterous – click here to follow my progress.

I may regret this when I am knee deep in weddings and university work in the Spring, but I am all about the positivity today!  Here are two shots from today’s adventure to a local wildlife area with my eldest daughter; Scarlett


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