Craig & Bethany ‘Beloved’ shoot in Southampton

Feb 21, 2011

I strongly believe that portrait photography is not just for the big three occasions (birth, marriage, (no, not death) and parenthood).  It should be used as a document to record a stage in your life; to remember yourself.  I have no idea what I looked like at 24 because I avoided all cameras.  In fact, I only have the sneaked pictures of friends to howl at my fashion mistakes (ongoing).  I realised one day (about five years ago) that this was daft – I was looking through the photo albums of my girl’s first years on the planet and saw that you would never know I was part of the family.  I was either behind the camera or hiding.  It occurred to me that I needed to get over that because one day my daughters would want to see me there – them and I together, growing up, living our lives.  So I bought a DSLR, took up learning about photography, and undertook a 365 project (a self-portrait every day for a year).  It hasn’t made me celebrate my giant bum anymore, but it has made me care less about it, and see the photo for what it is – a moment in time I will never be able to get back.

This is a very round about way of saying that, in the spirit of this, I spent an afternoon with Craig & Bethany doing just that.  Rather than head to the New Forest nearby, we decided to embrace the grime & glamour of inner Southampton.  Southampton used to be a city full of beautiful Georgian buildings, but the blitz all but destroyed much of the city.  The subsequent developers and planners haven’t always been kind to Southampton (in a few instances they seemed to have a personal grudge against the city’s populous!) but I wanted to use that perceived ugliness;  and with the help of this attractive, loved-up couple, find some beauty within it.  I hope you think it worked!



  1. Chantal

    awesome pictures! First and second in particular are really great!

  2. identité

    Aw, I’ve never seen hearty umbrellas.

  3. Amy Wass

    ahhh the car park! I always think that will be an awesome place for photos. you were right


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