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Feb 25, 2011

Yesterday I attended a fantastic workshop by the Mama of vintage wedding photography: Lisa Devlin.  Lisa was awarded the Wedding Photographer of the Year last year, by the British Journal of Photography, and has had 20 years experience in the business – first as a music & portrait photographer and for the last 10 years a wedding photographer.  I was really happy when she announced a number of courses this Spring, as Lisa was someone I had been watching since I decided to embark on this profession.

The workshop was held at her Brighton home and she shared some great advice, tips, experience and techniques in the hours she had with us – knowledge that has taken her years to accumulate.   If you are in the business, I highly recommend her courses – great value and the kind of insight you won’t get anywhere else.  Lisa is known for her vintage styled photography, and that is something that has always fired my rocket (my husband will witness to this due to the boxes of vintage gloves, scarves & dress jewelery which haunt the tops of wardrobes in our house), and it is something I want to start to offer to my couples.  Vintage post production is a bit of an art form – all too often it is clumsily applied to any old wedding; slapping on a tea-coloured filter does not a vintage wedding make!  Lisa manages to use it in a way that subtly enhances her images and evokes those colors we remember from old photos and even older memories.  In  the spirit of this, we were lucky enough to be given a CD of some actions that she has produced in order to beta test them.  Below is a matrix of the actions on  an image from the wedding I am currently working on;

As you can see, there are some beautiful and subtle effects there – plenty to suit any couple rocking the vintage thing, and sensitively made.  I am loving the Dusty B&W, the grape, the English Rose, and the Basic Pop just gives any image that extra punch that digital cameras rarely deliver.  All the actions are editable and tweakable and will hopefully be available from the Devlin Towers stable soon.  I grabbed a random sample of images from recent weddings to try these out on (in the process breaking Lisa’s cardinal rule of only applying vintage post production to vintage-styled weddings – sorry!), see below;

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  1. Lisa Devlin

    EEEEEKKKKK! They are looking amazing Angela! I love the way you have presented them too, thank-you so much 🙂


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