Italy. Lake Como, kindness and no wedding photography…

Oct 24, 2013

lake como

So, last weekend with wedding season slowing down and a teeeny tiny bit of room to breathe, I bundled off Kid A (9) to Lake Como with me for a few days.  I was missing the fun of getting back your holiday snaps, so I decided to ditch all the digital fandango and just take an older film camera and my iPhone. I had never visited Italy before and I loved every damn second of it. Naturally anywhere that excels in pasta dishes, pizza and gelato is going to be a bit of a spiritual home for me, but I just fell in love with the country, regardless of the food (and my, it was good). Being a wedding photographer in Lake Como must be like shooting fish in a barrel, the stunning lakeside vistas, the villas, and Como itself is a delight of hidden alleyways, frescos and secret gardens.  I can’t imagine living somewhere as beautiful as the old town.  What I wouldn’t give to shoot a wedding here!
We visited a few towns on the lake – Bellagio (amazing, feels like a film set the narrow streets are so unreal), Varenna (all Bellagio’s charm but without the tourist trap vibe), and a few smaller towns on the outskirts of Como.  Everywhere we went the women were animated and passionate and warm, the men friendly and the kids so quick to smile. You kind of have to resolve yourself to the idea that queueing is unheard of, anyone in a public service position hates you, and you could hold a door open for a month and no one would say thank you –  but I found this quite liberating. I come from a country where language is twisted and dressed to be apologetic and hesitant – it was nice to be somewhere a little more expressive, even if a few times I found being grunted at in train stations etc. rather frustrating!  We stayed in a beautiful apartment owned by Xavier & Sam, and Xavier was a total hero when we were pickpocketed on the last night and lost all our money & cards etc; he looked after us and made us feel not at all alone in a situation which suddenly felt a wee bit worrying.  If you want to visit lake Como I really cannot recommend their apartments enough (see here:  ).    His kindness meant we were able to fly home the next day to be greeted by some very friendly & furry family members (and the dogs).

These images were shot on a Nikon f5 with a 35mm f/2 lens, using Fuji 400H Pro film, for those of you that like that kind of thing…

narrow streets of bellaggio on Lake Como - perfect for a weddingBellagio, Lake como


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