New Forest engagement shoot: Jen & Alex

Mar 3, 2016

So yesterday Alex, Jen & I braved what can only be termed as eclectic weather for an engagement shoot near Lyndhurst in the New Forest.  Engagement shoots can be really useful if you are a bit trepidatious about your wedding photographs; it gets you used to being in front of the camera, to posing, and to the generally strange & alien idea of someone following you around and taking pictures of you looking all romantic & fuzzywuzzy.  Which of course pretty much everyone will do on your wedding day.  You may need to embrace your inner Kardashian & let ’em do it. They do it because they want a record of the people they love on one of their happiest days.

*Actually scratch the Kardashian bit. I don’t really understand the whole thing but there seems to be about 26 of them.  I think its fair to say we don’t need more…

Here’s some pictures of a lovely couple on a very grey day….

Jenny & Alex blog-2 Jenny & Alex blog-3 Jenny & Alex blog-4 Jenny & Alex blog-5 Jenny & Alex blog-6 Jenny & Alex blog-7 Jenny & Alex blog-8 Jenny & Alex blog-9 Jenny & Alex blog-10 Jenny & Alex blog-11 Jenny & Alex blog-12 Jenny & Alex blog-13 new forest engagement shoot Jenny & Alex blog-15 Jenny & Alex blog-16 Jenny & Alex blog-17 Jenny & Alex blog-18 Jenny & Alex blog-19 Jenny & Alex blog-20 Jenny & Alex blog-21 Jenny & Alex blog-22 Jenny & Alex blog-23 Jenny & Alex blog-24 Jenny & Alex blog-25 Jenny & Alex blog-26 Jenny & Alex blog-27 Jenny & Alex blog-28 new forest engagement shoot Jenny & Alex blog-30 Jenny & Alex blog-31 Jenny & Alex blog-32 Jenny & Alex blog-33 Jenny & Alex blog

If you are getting married & fancy a New Forest engagement shoot, please do get in touch!

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  1. Vicki White

    Soooo Beautiful Ange! And Uh that Double Exposure – NAILED!!! <3 Can't wait to see what 2016 brings for you!


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