Kat & Stig’s Ash Barton Estate wedding; rain and food and friends and trashing your wedding dress on the day…

Oct 4, 2016

Kat & Stig are not your average couple.  They took the parts of the wedding day that they wanted & discarded the rest – so they had a weekend long party with their friends, no mornings given over to hair & makeup (who needs makeup?  Not least when you might be jumping in the sea later. Okay, there may have been some purple & green make up later in the day…), ample time to chat with friends, and then they nailed the whole thing by trashing their brilliant outfits on the day of the wedding by jumping in the sea at nearby Saunton Sands, and having a Holi powder fight.  It was fair to say Kat wasn’t worried about a grubby hem on her dress…!  They are replicas of each other, so perfectly suited. And we loved getting to share this incredible day with them.  I have more photos than I know what to do with from their Ash Barton Estate wedding, so here is a very short selection.

Special mention to my incredibly talented buddy Aga Tomaszek, who agreed to second shoot with me this weekend; some of these images are the fruits of her creative genius.  She loves poppadoms, FYI.  And I love her to bits.  Amazing street food was from Fego Food Company, and we stayed at the really lovely Silver Cottage B&B in Braunton – which I very much recommend.

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ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0877 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0879 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0880 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0881 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0882 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0883 Ash Barton Wedding ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0885 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0887 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0888 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0890 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0891

ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0889 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0892 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0893 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0894 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0895 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0897 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0898 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0899 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0900 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0901 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0902 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0903 beach trash the dress session devon UK

ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0904 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0906 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0908

ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0909 ash-barton-estate-wedding-photographer_0910




  1. Clare

    Just brilliant!!! What a crazy amount of fun by the looks of things!!!

  2. Penni

    love these so much! Those Holi powder shots!!


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