Rachel Drewer at Houghton Lodge

Nov 28, 2016


Today I am really proud to share with you a shoot that look place back in early October at one of my very favourite wedding venues, Houghton Lodge, in Hampshire.  Houghton Lodge weddings are really special, so when I, milliner extraordinaire Rachel Drewer and all round superwoman & stylist Sarah from What Peggy Did Next got our heads together to figure out a venue for Rachel’s upcoming botanics-themed collection, Houghton was an easy choice – luckily owner Sophie was incredibly kind and made that happen for us.

With that in place, we started scouting around for other members of our dream team – Farida Ghwedar & Jessie Doel are incredible at their craft, so they were our go-to hair & makeup goddesses.  Dresses were sourced from the ever-brilliant Exquisite Bridal couture in Winchester, where Natalie did what she does best and guided us towards the most beautiful gowns from her huge stock – we had a small girly meltdown over the garments from Hayley Paige &  Catherine Deane.  Oh to be younger, thinner & getting married again.  To the current  Mr WB, of course.  Ahem.

Laura Smith was a natural choice for flowers – her creations totally complemented the wild edge to the botanics theme.  Also along was Clare Therese, whose beautiful stationery really added something special.  Our models were both brilliant young women I have worked with before and just love shooting – Amy & Brooke.  They worked so hard on the day and put up with all manner of indignities & intemperate environments :).  Our little team was rounded out by the expert assistance of my lovely buddy Mia – having another experienced photographer around to help guide our models & pick up on rogue elements was a real treat.  Thank you to all of you.

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Photography: Angela Ward Brown
Styling & Production: Sarah Bunting,  What Peggy Did Next
Hair & Make-up: Farida Ghwedar & Jessie Deol
Stationery: Clare Therese
Assisting: Mia Photography 


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