Hampshire family photography with Andy, Eve, Willoughby & Ellis

Apr 3, 2017

Hampshire Family photography

There was sun today!  OH MY DAYS this means summer is here.  Okay it might not be here but it feels like its here & I now want to do loads of summery things like riding bikes, drinking from jugs (with cups too, I am not a savage), and running on beaches.  This all reminded me that I didn’t get around to blogging possibly my favourite family session from last year!

My talented & lovely fellow photographer & buddy Andy (check him out HERE) asked me to take a little trip to his local beach to photograph a typical evening in the life of his gorgeous family – Foxy mcFox wife Eve, and boys Ellis & Willoughby.  So we did.  And we chased rainbows & tripped over dogs and dipped lenses in the sand and basically made use of the beautiful evening light at Solent beach. Hopefully, we also managed to freeze time a little.  Because it marches on so fast. And as lovely as it is to see our children grow & develop, we also want to make them stop growing for a while, just a while, and stay these soft manic bundles of ideas & activity, with sand between their toes and hopeful hearts, yet to be burdened with the complexities of adolescence.  I would give anything to take my girls back there, just for a day.  So, this is the best we have.  A little visual story, a capsule, and a family.

Thank you for trusting me to make this record for you Andy & Eve  xxx

hampshire family photography hampshire family photography
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