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Jul 16, 2017

Berkshire wedding photography at Heron’s barn

Emily & Plum are the best.  We spent today at Heron’s Barn in Pangbourne watching them kick butt at this whole getting married thing. There were so many wonderful parts to their wedding, but I think when I look at the story of their day what rises to the top for me is this: family.  This is perhaps inevitable with 19 children present… Family of course doesn’t always mean those you are blood related to – both these brilliant people were surrounded by tribes of friends whom obviously loved them fiercely.  But they were also enveloped in a thousand tiny kindnesses from loved ones – a mother who missed the first dance because she was making beds, an aunt running to & from various parts of the venue to help with clearing up, a sister  running herself ragged finding people to help me with a group shot, a bridesmaid sitting still & having her hair braided when she wanted to be running & playing with her monkey (Molly, you were brilliant today, and lovely to spend time with).  And why?  Because they loved these loveable twosome, and there is no way you can’t see why.  They are fun, and thoughtful, and friendly, and thoroughly likeable.  Which I guess is why those thousand tiny kindnesses were so easily given. And why they will keep gifting those things to each other throughout what I know is going to be a long & happy marriage.

Have an amazing time in New York you gorgeous twosome, here is your sneak peek…. <3 <3 <3

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