B & Aaron’s epic city & tipi wedding!

Sep 30, 2018

Every single wedding is a fabric made from 100 little stories. Stories of beloved parents & children, friends from long ago, friends who only know the freshly minted you, work relationships that get you through the day, that uncle that always made you laugh (even when you were a self-conscious teen just trying to hide), and for me – previous favourite love stories like that of Bethany & Nadine who I just loved seeing again. Stories of sisters & brothers who learned to like each other as they aged, and sibling relationships that still need a bit of work. For this day, placed gently in the centre of that fabric is our couple – people who decided to make a team of two, because they liked each other best.  All those stories underneath are what holds them up, what made them the people they are, and what will carry them through what life will throw at them.  B & Aaron had their own stories, most I will never be privy to, but I love seeing these tales play out on a wedding day.  First up was the story of a couple who booked a groovy (yes, I am that old, I used the word groovy) Victorian music hall in the centre of Nottingham, only to have it close 8 weeks before the wedding. B & Aaron are blessed with some truly kick-ass  parents, and I got to know the brilliant Jonathan & Christine a bit during the morning, and I won’t lie, I kind of wanted to kidnap them at the end of the evening.  If only so I can make Jonathan re-read his incredible speech – I had to put my cameras down more than once through laughing.   So their families sprung into action, and they totally reorganised a wedding in a crazy short space of time, with the help of brilliant planner Linzi from thatblackandwhitecat.co.uk.  And you know what, it was 100% the right thing to happen. We  ended up on lovely Glebe Farm, on a beautiful autumn day, where we got to watch an epic, hour long sunset settle over the lake. Which we would have missed if we’d been in town.  Also, on that note a big up to all the suppliers on the day who pulled out the stops to make this day happen.  Special props to Linzi of course, but also to the fab bar guys from Hob & Bubble and the super lovely team from The Rustic Crust – the latter made my journey home 100 times better with a delicious pizza :D. Thanks also to lovely Amy for assisting.

So instead we told a different story, one of tipis & fire pits, sparking sunshine & city registry offices, an epic Suzanne Neville frock, and ultimately, one of another fabric woven, with the most wonderful thread.

Bethan & Aaron, THANK YOU.  I loved your day, and you were more than worth the trip across closed motorways, fuelled by coffee.   Here is my story of your day.

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  1. David Wilkins

    Love the detail shots, another gorgeous wedding captured beautifully


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