Sarah & James and the tale of a wedding….

Oct 7, 2018

Romsey Wedding Photographer

I get asked many things when I tell people what I do for a living.  “How do you cope with bridezillas” is one.  No such thing, I reply, it’s a wholly sexist concept.  Their eyes glaze over for a while, and then they ask “don’t you ever get bored of weddings?”.  No.  Not once, not ever.  It’s the same as  ‘don’t you ever get bored of humans?’.  Say what? Of course not, I get tired out after a long day, but never bored – because all human life is here, and it puts me in contact with flippin’ lovely people like Sarah & James, and their bubbly, friendly, and welcoming families.  Because I get to see that sister squeezing the brides hand in reassurance, to see a couple shine into each others faces when they catch sight of each other on the aisle, to hear Dad’s voice crack as he tells of his wishes for his daughter, see a veil worn by the fifth generation of a family, of a grandmother’s glee of being surrounded by her grandchildren, and ultimately see people make stories of commitment, hope, and love.  I can’t even comprehend how people could get bored of that.  Today I also got to see an elderly lady walk unconcerned through an entire confetti tunnel with her shopping like she was in Tesco, and the pre-teen choristers solemnly take handfuls of confetti and then, as soon as they were out of sight, throw the petals not at the bride & groom, but at each other in an epic confetti fight.  Perfect.

Sarah & James are so cherished by each & every person who attended today, and its so simple to see why.  They are what my grandma would call Good Eggs.  I love a Good Egg.  And a good egg as it happens, but I digress.  Man, I should stop writing 1am blog posts.  I have no ability to censor myself. On that note, I will leave you with images of their day.  Thank you so much you lovely Good Eggs, it was so fab to spend the day with you & get to know you a little. I hope you like your preview…!

Supplier credits:  Church: The friendly & wonderful Romsey Abbey, followed by Romsey Town Hall. Food: Country City Catering (thank you Lucy & team for feeding us!  The Gnocchi was INCREDIBLE), Florist: Judy Webb, and the band was the brilliant Lion Men  (very much recommend).

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  1. Kirsten

    Ooh! My September 29th bride wore the exact same shoes!!!


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