Becky & Ben’s Avington Park Wedding Photography

May 20, 2019

2 brilliant people.

1 brilliant wedding.

2 brilliant days.

1 amazing venue.
Becky & Ben, you utter superstars.

Avington Park wedding photography is pretty damned easy.  Is it raining? That’s fine, the interior rooms are incredible. In fact, I *might* enjoy shooting inside with that incredible window light more than outside. Loads of guests? Fine, you can attach a marquee to the library for maximum room. Want to get married outside? That’s what the orangery is for. Want to shoot the loveliest, warmest, most gorgeous couple? Great, cos you have Becky & Ben here.

Ben started his day at the pub with buddies (solid choice), while Becky used some of the private rooms at Avington to hang out with her family & bridal party, and generally beautify themselves.  They were married at the gorgeous local church (check out the villagers waiting to grab a peek at Becky when she arrived), and predictably the rain came down as she arrived, but did we care? No we did not. Because frankly rain is defeated by love.

After a beautiful ceremony we headed back to Avington for drinks, hugs, and a boat load of happiness. And I loved every minute of it, I was made so welcome by these brilliant people, and it was a day I won’t forget.  We also had the added treat of a couples shoot the following day, as Becky & Ben wanted to devote plenty of time to it, but didn’t want it to take up their day. So they dressed up for mew again, and we got to extend that wedding magic into the next day – running round Avington, Easton, and the surrounding countryside.  I wish I could do that with every wedding,

Thank you, both, for such a perfect experience.

If you are getting married at Avington Park an are looking for some non-cheesy, non-posey, fun wedding photography, get in touch!


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