Emma & Rich’s intimate family wedding at Avington Park

Jun 15, 2019

Of my most disliked adage is the one that goes ‘never work with animals or children’.  Because animals are amazing.  If I could find a job that was just rolling round with baby animals all day, I would be all over that.  The same goes for kids.  Now, I have two kids, and in a previous life I was a schoolteacher, so I have had a fairly broad experience with kids – they are, after all,  just little people,  so I know some you want to squish in your pocket & take home, others you want to lock in a barn (a nice barn, with toys, and maybe ducklings. I’m not unkind, just, well you  know what I mean.  A barn that is far way from me).  Some times, like today, they are irrepressible balls of energy & joy that you can’t help but take 3 million pictures of.  Emma & Rich’s daughter three year old J, (and her cousin I) were just such children.  Sample quotes from J from the day:

“You can’t take me away officer!” (on stairs, no police in sight)

“What am I even doing with my life?”

“This is my best pose. It’s my BUM.  Take three pictures”

So, she appears in quite a few pictures – but I am pretty sure her parents won’t mind.  The whole vibe for the day was an intimate family celebration in the most amazing surroundings. Even if the weather wasn’t exactly playing ball, it didn’t matter a jot. Because they got to be married in the beautiful Library at Avington Park, and eat a lovely dinner provided by Beka Cooper, in the stunning Orangery. No masses of guests to work your way around, no announcing & herding people around.  Just a relaxed day somewhere beautiful.  Sounds pretty idyllic, no?

Also, can we just take a moment to celebrate how amazing Emma looked, not just in her stunning gown, but in her completely chic going-away outfit.  All the swoons! Thank you so much for having me as part of your gorgeous day, you completely lovely people!



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