Katie & Martin’s summer Wiltshire farm wedding

Sep 15, 2019

These two are amazing.  I bloody loved them and their energy, their families, their commitment to having a brilliant day that suited them, and finding meaning throughout.  The wedding took place at Katie’s home in Wiltshire, which meant idyllic countryside, farm buildings, horses, and a number of spaniels in floral collars circling the roasting pit reeeeally hopefully. Martin is from Argentina, so brought a bevy of ridiculously attractive people to the wedding, plus this kind of dancing tradition I didn’t really understand but involved a million light up accessories, whistle blowing and was THE BEST FUN EVER.  I would like to suggest we steal this tradition (we are British, we are good at that) and have it at every wedding ever. I was half way home to Hampshire before I realised there weren’t distant police cars following me, but rather I was still wearing flashing mini mouse ears. Also, they had my favourite first dance ever.  I have never seen people so stoked for a dance. Its started with a boys vs girls dance off, ended in an epic lift, and basically I managed to take 3 million pictures somehow.  Also, Katie’s brothers sang at her instead of doing. speech and it was very very good.

It was gorgeous to see two families joining together so happily –  each and every speech & reading was in both languages, and the obvious affection that each family had for their new member was palpable.  Their outdoor humanist ceremony had a part where the rings were handed around to each member of the family for ‘warming’ – where their love & hopes for the couple were passed on. I may have had an embarrassing weep at that…

So anyway, I could rattle on for hours, I had so much fun last night with these Springer spaniels made flesh, and their warm families, and a troupe of brilliant bridesmaids who made getting ready such a blast.  And SHOES!  Both mermaid & light up. But instead I will leave you with pictures, because that’s what I am paid to do…

Thank you so much K&M, for the best of days xxx

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