Jade & Nick’s Hill Place wedding

Oct 6, 2019

Weddings are packed with emotion. By their very nature. It bubbles & it flies around, and it crystallises in that moment when you’ve walked down the aisle and you get to see the person you love. It’s always one of my favourite moments, because the primary emotion you see written on their faces is relief – they see their person, standing a matter of feet away, and everything is okay.
I saw it on brilliant Jade’s face today, as she swept down Hill Place’s incredible staircase, and saw Nick. It made me smile so broadly, like so many parts of today’s wedding – the fit of giggles they got in the vows, the general pratting about during their couples session, and the kids going crazy on the dance floor. And while we are on dance floors, confetti canons make everything excellent, they just do. These four gave everyone something to scoop up & throw at each other for about the next 2.5 hours. Amazing. Kept me entertained, for sure…

Jade & Nick were the very last wedding at Hill Place, somewhere close to my heart where I met so many amazing industry buddies & shot so many beautiful wedding days. I shed a little tear watching Jade & her mum descend the stairs, knowing she would be the last bride to do so. And my feelings are scant compared to the Smallpiece team, who have called Hill Place their main home for the better part of a decade, and have personal connections going back longer than that. So thank you to this grand old building for giving so many couples such incredible memories, and I am so happy Nick & Jade got to join that roster.

The Smallpiece catering team were on hand to do what they do so damned well today, to feed guests in a breathtaking manner, so ease the day along, to provide everything their couples need, I’d say they go above and beyond, but they do it so often its their baseline.

Other suppliers who helped make Jade & Nick’s wedding dreams happen include JenniBloom on floral duty, the incredible cake was by Little Mallow, the sea of sweet things provided by Sweet Feast Grazing, and the party was kept pumping by The Wedding Dj (Jethro).

Thank you, Jade & Nick for allowing me to be part of your day xxxx



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