Travelogue: Seville

Oct 20, 2019

Street photography & other visual musings from The Photo Weekender in Seville

Earlier this month I got to dump my family and jump on a flight to Seville to explore an area of photography I have long wanted the time & headspace to learn about: street photography. It’s something I really enjoy looking at in others; in books, online (instagram has some great street & documentary feeds in amongst the gloss), but didn’t have the confidence or knowledge to attempt myself.
I saw the magnificent Contessa de Pollo Rusyn (or, Polly Rusyn as she weirdly prefers to be called) talk at the Snap festival last Spring, and knew right away I wanted to scoop out her knowledge from her brain like excellent pink gelato. Polly runs the brilliant Photoweekender – street photography workshop weekends for all types of photographers, from hobbyists with iPhones to full time pros who just want to explore another skill. These are amazing, and I can 100% recommend Polly’s wise words, incredible vision, humour & inclusivity. I found it hard being crap at something I was supposed to be good at for the first couple of days, but she guided us gently and firmly to where we needed to be (not F2, APPARENTLY). It was weird as hell trying to make 5 or 6 images I was pleased with, as opposed to needing about 700 from the average wedding. But those muscles ached because they were growing, and my eyes were tired for a reason. If you have any doubts, drop me a message and I will persuade ya.

So here are some frames I took. And also some frames of Seville, and some frames of my brilliant buddies on team Photo Weekender – Zoe, Hannah, RoRoCop, our beloved Dignums (who I totally made do a couples session in the Alcazar because I was bored of pretending to be Cersei Lannister), and of course Contessa Polly herself. What is not featured is the full 24 hours I spent on an electric scooter having the best fun ever as I reduced beautiful Seville to a highly detailed Mario Kart track. Also not featured, my bruised ankle, or me being wheelchaired off the plane. Ahem.

Enjoy! I make no apologies for the amount of pictures I took of walls. And the most attractive flamenco dancer in the known universe. See also: things that are yellow.



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