Nicola & Helena’s civil partnership at One Marylebone

Nov 24, 2019

This was such a special civil partnership at One Marylebone. I know they are all special days (and I don’t say that flippantly, truly they are), but all for different reasons. For the threads and stories which bind the events, the feelings, and every person in a room together.

These brilliant women have been together for 30 years, so the moment of signing their civil partnership into law was momentous for them, cherished by their friends, and even though they had to wait for the wrong reasons, I can only imagine that melted away when they entered the room at One Marylebone, to the thunderous applause of 300 hands helping them down aisle. I have honestly heard nothing like it. I felt like I could have taken a chunk of the affection flying round the room, right out of the air, and eaten it like cake. It was bloody wonderful.

I often think if I got married now I wouldn’t have enough friends to fill the room (I may need to revisit how much I work), so Helena & Nicola’s 300 strong guest list was testament to how they are held in the minds of their friends, and this was related in the funny speeches and countless hugs & shrieks of happiness. The list of suppliers that helped make this day happen are listed at the bottom, but for now, here is a snatch of their day through my eyes.

Nicola & Helena, thank you. So much. For your trust, your kindness, your inclusivity, and for allowing me to experience your day with you.


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Venue: One Marylebone
Production: Velvet Entertainment
Florist: TukTuk Flower Studio
Caterer: Arnold & Henderson



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