TWENTY TWENTY ONE : a year of weddings

Jan 13, 2022

That was a ride, wasn’t it?

And in many ways the pictures below are a micro story of the year itself. It started in lockdown, no weddings, no celebrations, we moved through hesitatingly larger numbers, weird rules (wearing masks to the table, then taking them off for 2 hours, anyone?), necessary restrictions, no dancing, outdoor dancing (my new fave thing), one thousand LFT’s, to gradually large events that all our loved ones could attend. Of course there were empty seats, for reasons wise or heartbreaking, but mostly? Joy. Massive, unwieldy, giddy excitement. The delirium that we were together again, feeling normal, killing it on the dance floor and feeling better than we had in a very long while.

For myself, I got to see my wedding industry buddies – this year we were checking we were all surviving the crazy of having moved countless weddings & therefore having the busiest year of our lives, making sure we were coping, but mainly just happy to see each other doing our jobs again – even with layers of masks, positioned by open window. Each and every one of you are amazing.

But my memory of last year won’t be how tired I was, or how I haven’t seen the sea in a year, or any of the personal concerns. It won’t be how honoured I was to be named one of the UK’s top 50 wedding photographers (and I was very chuffed). It wasn’t the massive amount of commercial work for Feasts, shoots & Leaves studded between each celebration.

It will be how Fred & Becky couldn’t stop laughing all day.

Nita & Cam running down a sunset-lit lane full of gnats because I told them backlit gnats photograph well (they do).

Kelsey & Robbie standing in the glow of a hidden chapel.

Emma & James hiding from the rain in my favourite place.

How Sophie & Pat’s dog running down the aisle, unaware of the gravity of the day.

How Jordan & Robbie made me cry, and then laugh, and then cry, in a car port somehow transformed into a beautiful wedding venue

Hannah & Neil walking across a sunlit river test.

Ryan’s face when he saw Gemma.

The light on Hiruni & Diarmuid’s faces as they were surrounded by bubbles.

How Tom & Charlotte celebrated both their ceremonies with epic singalongs that had me biting my lip because I have a very emotional reaction to public singing

Sian looking badass as hell outside the Larmer Tree as Ben looked on

Jen & Will wheeling around the dance floor

Lisa & Joe bathed in gold in a Sopley meadow

Orla & Alex dancing in front of a river

Rachel & Stuart helpless with laughter in a greenhouse of dreams

A first dance from Alice & Jon that told us everything you need to know <3

A robot watching over Lucy & Will

Kirsten & Dom doing wedding part 2: electric boogaloo in their own indomitable style

Victoria & Ben standing in the most incredible god light, wind swirling around them

Anna & Matt just revelling in each other, amongst the colour of their day

James’ just beautiful words about Charlotte

Henry & Cathy saying vows in an English garden

Siobhan & Will being their joyful selves, and bringing the world along with them (besotted)

Meg & Robin for honesty setting a new standard for weddings now

Emily & Angus having the best dance floor I have ever seen

Lydia & Elliott standing in a field of buttercups

Running through London with Saori & Brett (really, they walk very fast)

Rachel & Alex and that choir of friends that had us all BROKEN

Lucy & Elliott in fields of gold at Houghton

And, as Christmas neared, Amy & Tom, walking through dark Walthamstow streets, wreathed in smiles and protected from the cold by the warmth of loved ones (and a massive pair of gloves)

As always, thank you all. You made my year what it was and every wedding was an honour.

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