For Photographers: The Godox AD200, the pocket rocket flash

Oct 22, 2023

So today I want to talk about one of my favourite photography essentials. In this case, the Godox AD200.

Turning up to a wedding, we have a bunch of go-to items. And when it’s a commercial job we often add a bunch more. I purchased a car a while ago and one of the big selling points for me was the huge boot, sub-boot, and even one where the engine would be on a non-electric car. This means I can turn up a to a job with two soft boxes, various light stands, gels, video lights and god knows what else and, crucially, NOT have to unpack it all at the end of the day and drag it into the house. It is there when I next need it, secure and tucked away from sight, and still I can get the dogs in the boot without them dodging flying kit. 

But one item I use on pretty much every shoot, all day long, and modify to fit a thousand uses. What is this pocket rocket I hear you cry, well it is the Godox AD200.  Often badged as Pixapro in the UK (it’s the same thing, never fear) this flash gun has an adjustable output of 200 Ws, from 1/128s to 1/1s, with a recycle time from 0.01 to 2.1 seconds. But numbers aside, in practical terms it is reliable, very portable, and had enough power and battery longevity to cope with banging dance floors, dark interiors, and the light fill needed for mixed light environments. 

It isn’t a replacement for an on-camera flash gun, I still use those for bounce flash, and are the first light I generally use at a wedding, but when you need power, consistency, and responsiveness, without mounting a giant head, they are perfect. See below for these amazing bits of kit in action… 



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