and your wedding

Okay, so we can’t ignore what is happening, and I know the Coronavirus will have been a worried topic in living rooms across the country (& beyond) right now. So let’s talk options

Firstly, it’s important to say that I intend on attending every wedding I have booked in my diary this autumn, nothing about my coverage will change, I won’t wear a hazmat suit and I am as excited to be there as I ever was.  But the evidence suggests 2020 is going to be tough, and we may need to look at moving your day. 

If I get the dreaded Covid lurgi, I will of course not rock up at your day to infect your guests – I know you won’t want this either.  I take that responsibility very seriously, as I do my duty of care to you as my couple to provide you with excellent images.  I will treat this just like any other illness scenario as outlined in your contact – I will find someone great to cover from me (as a community we are all supporting each other in this), or you can choose to find alternative cover yourself. 

What if I have to


In some circumstances (depending on how long this rumbles on for), postponement might be a decision you make. Your first port of call is your wedding insurance – chat to them about how your coverage is affected if you move or postpone the day. 


Chat to your venue and other suppliers

 My contract states you can transfer your date to any time within 12 months as long as I am free, with no change in my service to you, they may have similar clauses. All this needs to be thought about before a decision is made.  I do ask however, that your change is ‘like for like’ – moving from an April wedding to an August one will likely not be possible. I also ask that where possible you avoid summer Saturdays – primarily because many of them were already booked out before this happened, and the competition for them is high.  From my perspective,  I will be losing a date I could book an additional wedding in, and as such my earnings will be further decimated after an already devastating year. I have decided not to charge a further fee if you absolutely have to have a Saturday (and I do understand that), but it is something I am going to ask you to consider for the sake of all of the tiny businesses which will be making your day happen. 


Chat to your nearest & dearest and sound them out

They may also be relieved at the idea of moving it, but may also have some wise thoughts about what to do. 

Get a new plan in place

After finding the dates your suppliers/venue are free on, make a plan of how to confirm, communicate, and deal with your postponement.
If you need my free dates, I will supply you with an online calendar link that shows you what days I am free.


Overall lovelies, don’t panic. I am hoping the vast majority of you will have no problems at all, and it will be businesses as usual. This is for  unusual circumstances, and these are unusual, but in the grand history of humanity, nothing stopped people getting married & having a damn fine time doing it. Your wedding is not any different. You will get married, you will have the time of your lives, just maybe not on the day you planned. Please do keep in contact and let me help any way I can.  


I shoot creative, modern wedding photography in Winchester, Hampshire, and throughout the UK. Wherever you are planning to say 'I do', and to whom, please get in touch. 



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