Oliver & Louise’s beautiful Wedding by Larmer Tree wedding photographer Angela Ward Brown

Nov 24, 2019

Larmer Tree Wedding Photographer
I had been looking forward to this day for ages.  It’s been just over a year since I was last at Larmer Tree for Sophie & Al’s wedding, and I was champing at the bit to be back (a weird mental image now I think of it.  I do not own a bridle).
Yesterday did not disappoint.  I caught up with gorgeous Louise & her lovely friends at the cottage they had rented in a nearby village where much make up was discussed & applied – I absolutely love these mornings.  Getting to know the nearest and dearest, and figuring out friendships, and most crucially, getting ton of make up recommendations.  Cos this girl loves make up, even if I hardly wear any.  It’s like art & craft for the face, right?   After Louise donned the most incredible Pronovias gown, which looked like it had been spontaneously birthed into the world just for her, we climbed into cars & headed to the venue to meet Oliver, and their lovely, friendly crew.

Their ceremony at the Temple was as beautifully romantic as it looks,  and the structure had been decorated in stunning pastel blooms by brilliant Fleur Provocateur (as had the tables & bouquets).  I shoot at so many stunning venues, and this is one of the truly special ones – not just for the location, the buildings, and the mad peacocks, but for the team there. They 100% pull out the stops to make each day special, and are a joy to work alongside.

And so we do what we do at weddings – we throw confetti, we laugh with our buddies, we listen to heartfelt speeches, we eat amazing food, and dance the night away.  And we try to commit each part of this incredible day to memory. Which we do for a while, but brains are what they are, and so we tend to forget.  And that’s where I (and my fellow photographers, up & down the country) come in.  So, Oliver & Louise, thank you so much for having me a long to your day.  It was epic. You were a dream, and I loved being there.  Enjoy your amazing honeymoon, and I will be I touch on your return with more captured memories for you.  In the meantime, here is a small sample.

(A big thank you to Alice & The team at Larmer, the wonderful Forking Out for some seriously good food, Fleur Provocateur for the flowers, Brandon for being a brilliant video buddy, and the music wonderfully provided by Joes Jazz & Gentlemans Groove).

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